Party on a Budget: The foundation for a Pinterest worthy table

We all know that the plastic tablecloth has its place, especially when you are hosting a kid’s party! Still, plastic table cloths don’t lay the foundation for a stunning table quite the way fabric does. But fabric table cloths come at a price. In the world outside of Pinterest, budgets do not always leave room for these types of extras at a birthday party or family gathering. If you are like me and you enjoy throwing Pinterest inspired parties but budget is also a top priority, then this wallet-friendly party buy is for you:

Cheap Flat Bed Sheets

Bedsheet Tablecloth

At all my gatherings, chances are I at least dressed up the dessert table with a bedsheet. I know what you might be thinking, “You used bedsheets on tables that people are eating on… eew!” or maybe, “Won’t my guests be able to tell that they are eating off of a sheet?!” But let me explain the ins and outs so that you can make this party tip work for you:

  • Do not use flat sheets that you actually use for sleeping! Seems like an obvious thought, but I just wanted to be clear on this. You wear out your sheets when you sleep and you want these to look and stay as fresh and crisp as possible.


  • You can find cheap flat sheets online or at your favorite budget retailor. I have acquired sheets in many colors to go with lots of different themes and décor for as low as $5 each. Our family throws many parties every year, so it is very cost effective for me to wash and reuse them. Also, it makes our parties a little more eco-friendly by cutting down on our plastic waste.


  • After your party, treat the stains with detergent and wash promptly to keep the oil and stains from setting. Just like with a regular tablecloth, ironing goes a long way to improve the presentation.


  • Now, will your guests notice that you are using sheets instead of tablecloths? Honestly, probably not! I have been using this trick for years and no one has ever noticed. I even lent some to a friend who has attended our gatherings and she had no clue about my little trick.

So there you have it. My little tablecloth secret is out! Try this tip at your next party to spruce up your party tables for less!



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